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A guide to relocating successfully

Moving is never a seamless process, nor stress-free. Creating a detailed timeline and checklist will help provide a successful move. This will increase your productivity and keep you from forgetting critical tasks!

Two months before moving:

• Start by creating a folder with checklists, receipts, invoices, records, contacts and other resources to help you stay organised during your move.
• Research to determine if you are going to hire a professional moving crew. If yes, compare moving companies' quotes.
• Sort and declutter unnecessary items. Decide what goes with you, gets donated or is thrown away.
• Make notes of anything requiring special packaging.
• Start packing early. Last-minute packers experience the greatest amount of stress.
• Pack a room at a time and clearly label boxes.

Six weeks before moving:

• Finalise moving arrangements. Get things booked now.
• Review floor plans of your new house. Figure out if your furniture will fit in the new house or not.
• Update your mailing address where needed.

One month before moving:

• Continue packing using a clear and concise labelling system. Separate what you consider “essential” boxes from those that can be unpacked later.
• Finalise arrangements with the moving or the rental truck company. Notify your employer of your new residential address.

One week before moving:

• Finish packing and get an essential suitcase packed. This suitcase should contain a week’s worth of clothes and anything important such as prescriptions, documents, money, etc.
• Start the process of cleaning out the refrigerator. You will want to defrost it a day or two before you move.
• Call the moving company and double-check they have the correct time and date.

The day of the move:

• Wake up early to ensure you are packed before the movers arrive.
• Ensure necessary devices are charged such as your cell phone.
• Prepare a small box of cleaning supplies that you can easily access. It doesn't matter how much you have already cleaned the house, you will have last-minute messes to deal with. You may also need to do some initial cleaning when you get to your new place.
• After your possessions have been loaded up, do a final walkthrough to account for any missing items. Check drawers and cabinets.

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