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Crucial tips to help you prepare your home for solar energy

Electrical certificates are regulated by the Electrical Installation Regulations. Regulations provide that, every user must have a valid certificate. When property is sold, the owner must provide the buyer with an electrical certificate that is not older than two years.

Know your energy needs

Study your monthly electricity bill to have an idea of your energy consumption. Look to reduce the amount of electricity you use. This may mean, switching to LED bulbs or changing the timer on your geyser. Geysers account 40-60% of your bill. Installing a geyser timer, regulates that the geyser is off during peak times.

Solar system for residential use is a grid-tied solar PV system, it is installed to be tied to the grid or network.

Repairs to your home

Homeowners opt for rooftop solar systems, make sure your roof does not have damaged tiles or rust making it difficult to install a solar system. Look for water damage that could affect your roof’s structural integrity. Repair any visible cracks and consider replacing your roof if it is reaching the end of its lifespan.

Do roof mapping

Measure the parameters of your roof to calculate the solar potential of your home. Hohm Energy’s platform will estimate how many solar panels you can accommodate and how much power they will generate, based on the space available.

Decide on the rooftop PV system:

Common way to differentiate a solar rooftop installation is via the connection to the electrical load/grid.

  • Grid-Tied / Connected with reverse power blocking: property is connected to the national grid but blocks excess electricity generated from feeding back onto the grid.
  • Grid Tied / Connected: electricity generated can be used at the property and any surplus can be directed into the grid.
  • Off-Grid / Standalone: off-grid systems have batteries and a charge controller. PV system generates electricity for use onsite and operates completely independent of the national grid.

Accredited solar installer

Work with a service provider that is accredited by the South African PV Industry Association’s PV Green Card programme for solar installers and consider quotes from more than one installer.

Secure finance

It is possible to access your bond at a lower interest rate to pay for a solar system, some companies offer finance options.

Get approvals

Have the required municipal approvals for solar systems.

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