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Essential security tips for estate and complex owners to keep in mind

Personal safety and physical security are vital when choosing a home.

Our homes are sanctuaries, where we raise our children, celebrate milestones and make memories. They also contain our most prized possessions, some of which are irreplaceable so we must create a secure environment in which our families can feel safe.

There are several key factors to take into account:

Firstly, establish where weak points are throughout the entire property. Take into account your family’s lifestyle and determine which security features would be convenient and not hamper your daily lives.

Living on an estate or in a complex can give residents false impressions that security is not a priority, but crime trends over the last 12 months have shown an increasing number of incidents in secure complexes and estates which have raised a red flag and prompted many estate complexes to review their security options.

Security hints to keep in mind:

Access control

Having a guard at the gate who is also expected to patrol is an issue. The entrance should be manned 24/7. The guard needs to be able to alert a reaction company if security is under threat or assistance is needed.

Security systems can be nullified when there is little or no provision for the safety of guards on duty.

An increasing criminal modus operandi is to observe the guard and then hold him at gunpoint allowing the criminals to enter the complex at leisure. Guard room windows are mostly never bulletproof or even tinted to ensure that the movement of the guard cannot be monitored from outside the complex.

Security is sometimes compromised.

It makes sense to have a security specialist involved from the get-go if possible or to do a thorough assessment before security is installed or upgraded. Security at complexes is now becoming far more specialized and complex security must provide comprehensive security services that include technical support and pro-active planning.

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