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Guide to Fixing and Flipping Houses (Part 2)

Business Plan and Budget

Before spending money, prepare a detailed business plan. Everything must be realistic and possible to achieve. Don’t make assumptions. Take several quotes from real estate agents about similar properties and use them as benchmarks for future estimates.

Define your financial obligations to the property. Make lists of costs, maintenance, taxes and insurance payments. Include the real estate agent’s fees.

Now, compare that with your income to see if you are able to make monthly payments without jeopardizing your financial situation. Consider buying a cheap house and get more profit when you sell it.

Money Loan

It’s time to get the financing needed. A hard money loan is a perfect financing option. Fix and flip loans come with a faster turnaround time, and the money you get is pooled from private investors. It comes with a lower interest rate, you can use the equity to purchase the property while saving some cash for renovation.

These loans come as short-term financing options for borrowers. You can pay them off as the house is being fixed.


After understanding the local real estate market, the neighbourhood is important. Properties located where there is a high density of potential tenants are better choices. It’s even better if the area have many college students or those starting their careers

An affordable place in a nice neighbourhood doesn’t mean that property will automatically become a profitable investment once renovated

Find a property in a neighbourhood with a potentially bright future. The neighbourhood should portray a growing community, and offer the potential for high demand. Buying properties near public transportation hubs or shopping centres helps.

To fix and flip a house is a great investment opportunity for anyone looking to venture into real estate. Remember, there are benefits and risks in any investment. Always do your due diligence and take time to learn from other investors who have been there before you. Don’t give up when you encounter problems, instead learn from your mistakes and move on.

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