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How to beat load-shedding and add value to your property

Households should start adapting and taking measures to ensure they can continue functioning during power outages.

Switching to solar power is one way in which you can escape the power outages, although this is a more lasting, and sustainable solution, it is also quite costly for most households.

There are, however, more affordable, yet sustainable ways to make your home more comfortable during load-shedding.

Tips to adapt your home to make it more convenient for load-shedding. These improvements will add value to your property as load shed-ready homes are in demand.

Install a battery-driven inverter system

A basic inverter with two 12-volt deep cycle batteries could provide power for up to four hours for a television, internet, and laptop. Wire these to the appliances so they remain on, but never boil a kettle or add a heater to an inverter system.

Install a petrol generator

A minimum of 6.5kVA could provide power for basics such as a television, lights, internet and a laptop, your fridge, and other appliances. Generators can power a kettle, microwave, and a small heater, but it is best to limit these.

Fit your lights with rechargeable globes

This could ensure that you have lights during a power outage. Fit exterior lights or install solar or battery-powered lights to keep your property lit for security purposes.

Install a battery backup for security systems

Power outages are the perfect cover for criminals. It is vital to ensure your gate, garage doors, and security system remain functioning during a power outage.

Switch to gas for cooking

Mealtimes need not be interrupted, convert to gas for your cooking needs. A stovetop kettle means you can still enjoy your morning coffee even during a power outage.

Install a solar geyser

Replacing geysers with solar-powered geysers is easy.

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