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Property investment is the most reliable way to generate income over the long term.

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It is of vital importance that property investors stay aware of the trends in the property market, which can be affected by political and economic factors. A real estate agent can advise you on property trends, such as the average value of properties in a certain area.


Knowing which area is which and where to invest is vital in getting the best property investment in South Africa. This is because we often buy with our eyes first and then our minds. Do the research and speak to professionals to learn about which areas are great for investment and which are not.


Buy-to-let is the number one property investment method! This allows investors to receive a generated monthly income from properties in your portfolio. This provides the costs of maintaining the property and paying the bond. Just like with any property investment, there are risks involved, but with careful planning, buy-to-let provides a reliable source of revenue in the long term. A few of these risk factors include, tenants not paying, building damage and area problems causing devaluation in the property.

Buying and renovating properties to increase value

flipping is a common practice, where you purchase a low-value property and fix it up to boost its value and sell it at a profit.

Expand your portfolio

Do not allow yourself to become too fixated on certain property types or areas. Investing in a broad range of properties, across different areas, will make your portfolio less appealing to market fluctuations.

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