Privacy Policy

For A&B Multiprop (PTY) LTD (1999/007571/07)
T/A Multi Properties
    a. “Applicable Rules” means the rules and regulations that all employees within the Multi Properties company are required to comply with.
    b. “Client” or “you” means any party who has any current or previous business dealings with Multi Properties, or any party who has given Multi Properties their permission to retain their Personal Information.
    c. “Multi Properties” means A & B Multiprop (Pty) Ltd, a private company duly registered in the Republic of South Africa.
1. It is vital that you read and understand this Declaration carefully before presenting any Personal Information to Multi Properties.

2. We all have rights to how our Personal Information is used. To be able to perform its activities, Multi Properties will gather, keep and process Personal Information about its staff, agents, clients, potential clients, suppliers and other third parties. Multi Properties appreciates the need to treat this information in a proper and legally recognized manner.

3. For Multi Properties to be able to serve our existing and future clients, we have accumulated property related information since the establishment of the business in 1974. This data allows Multi Properties to better comprehend and meet our clients’ property related needs.

4. The data mentioned above may include Personal Information as defined by the POPI Act. Multi Properties appreciates the paramount significance of protecting your information and not sharing it with others without your proper consent.

5. By supplying Multi Properties with any Personal Information, you provide permission to the managing of your Personal Information as set out in this Declaration.

6. The contents of this Declaration are subject to compulsory, unalterable Applicable Rules;

7. Kindly do not release any Personal Information to Multi Properties if you do not consent to any portion of this Declaration.

    Please do not hesitate to send any questions, queries or comments to the following email address: or simply call us on 044 – 8746907 and speak to our friendly receptionist.
    1. We may and probably will alter this Declaration at our discretion primarily for the following reasons:
      a. to make provision for the improvement of our methods of business, services, offerings, facilities or systems;
      b. to remain compliant with any governing or legal requirements;
      c. for any other reason which we, at our sole discretion, may deem reasonable or necessary to better our dealings with our clients.
    2. Any such alteration will come into immediate effect and become part of any form of mandate or agreement you have with Multi Properties. We do not ensure that you will receive announcement of such alterations timeously, so please peruse this document from time to time at your leisure.
    1. The protection and safekeeping of Your privacy and Personal Information is not taken lightly by Multi Properties, and we will only use the same in accordance with this Declaration and in accordance with the POPI Act.
    2. Multi Properties will never without prior consent share your Personal Information to any third parties.
    3. In the unlikely event that our safety systems and safeguards to protect your Personal Information is breached and your information is unintentionally disclosed to unauthorized persons, then Multi Properties will not be liable for any loss, damages or injury that you may incur as a result.
    4. Multi Properties will not be held accountable for any loss or damages you may experience in the event that any information provided by yourself to us is incomplete or inaccurate.
    1. During any dealings you may have with Multi Properties, we may collect the following data about you:
      a. your complete Fica information, contact details, place of birth, credit record, banking, particulars about your employment or past employment, tax number and any financial information;
      b. history of communication, enquiries or correspondence from you or anyone representing your interests;
      c. any information regarding transactions you have or are in the process of doing with us including any agreements or contracts or other property related dealings;
      d. special categories of Personal Information, like images, voiceprints, fingerprints, and any other biometric information.
    2. Multi Properties may also, occasionally gather Personal Information from public records about people we think has property related interests in order to present opportunities that could be of interest to such an individual and if contacted, we will only process such information as directed with permission.
    3. If you furnish us with the Personal Information of other third parties, then kindly ensure that you have the required permission to share such data with us and that you ensure that the third party is aware of your intent to reveal their Personal Information to us specifically.
    1. We may collect your Personal Information when you call us, meet us in person, email us or fill in a form or applications in person or online.
    2. Personal Information may be collected indirectly through the following channels :
      a. Personal information in the public domain or otherwise publish;
      b. Where laws, contractual or other obligations and responsibilities to you or third parties requires us;
      c. Otherwise only with and pursuant to your permission unless this it is not reasonably possible in the instances or in a specific situation to obtain such authority and the compilation of such Personal Information from another source will not discriminate your legitimate interests.
    1. We may use, send, keep and reveal your Personal Information for the following reasons:
      a. recording and observing your telephone calls, completed forms and online communications with Multi Properties to best perform your instructions and requests, to use as evidence and in the interests of crime restriction or for any other purpose for reasons as set out in this Declaration;
      b. to manage your account and to conform with your directives or wishes;
      c. for identifying and blocking fraud, money laundering and/or any crime;
      d. to confirm your identity or the identify of a juristic person you represent;
      e. to send your Personal Information outside South Africa, including cloud storage purposes;
      f. for evaluating and handling requests and complaints;
      g. for operational, auditing, marketing, legal and data storing requirements;
      h. to comply with lawful requests from local or foreign law enforcement or governmental agencies;
      i. to do market research and to inform you of our services from time to time via any means available;
      j. to provide you with the services, offerings and products you have previously requested, and to inform you of a relevant change to the same;
    2. We may occasionally contact you on email, phone, or other electronic means about products, offerings and services available from Multi Properties or relevant associate companies which we think may be of interest to you.
    1. Your Personal Information may be shared between Multi Properties and our selected third parties who facilitate such data on our behalf under strict privacy protocols.
    2. Multi Properties may share your Personal Information to third parties under the following conditions:
      a. to any applicable authorized person and/or entity for purposes of detection, exposing and the combatting of corruption, fraud and any other criminal action;
      b. obligation to share your Personal Information in order to comply with any Applicable Rules, or to safeguard the rights, property or security of Multi Properties; and/or
      c. to any controlling or governmental authority, including those in foreign territories, if Multi Properties is required to do so in terms of Applicable Rules or law;
      d. to evaluate, give effect to and examine any commitments, rights, remedies, or liabilities that you and/or Multi Properties may hold as terms of any agreement or contract to which you are a party;
      e. to regulate which products and services may be of importance to you and/or to send you information about such products and services, unless you request to not receive such information;
      f. to have a better comprehension of your situation, preferences and wishes in order to improve and provide our services and products;
      g. to a prospective purchaser, seller, lessor or lessee relative to a relevant transaction where we have been mandated or otherwise required to do so in terms of such document or this Declaration;
      h. to any representative acting on your behalf or your agent or by your request and consent.
    3. If you do not wish for Multi Properties to reveal this data to third parties, please inform us promptly by contacting us with the contact details as indicated above. We may, nevertheless, unfortunately not be able to provide certain services to you if such a decision is required.
    1. All accounts and archives of Personal Information will only be kept for as long as is necessary to accomplish the initial purpose for which the data was collected or consequently handled.
    2. In certain contexts, we may keep your Personal Information for a longer period for a lawful purpose or otherwise if the safekeeping of such is reasonably needed to enable us to perform our functions or services (For instance, to handle your objections, legal proceedings required to comply with the terms of agreements you may have committed to).
    1. You may request any Personal Information which we hold about you under the Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2000 (“PAIA”). The fees relevant to obtain a copy or a summary of Personal Information in our possession about you are prescribed in terms of the Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2000 (“PAIA”). Validation of whether or not we hold your Personal Information may be asked for at no charge. If it is your wish to acquire a copy of your Personal Information held by Multi Properties, then kindly have a look at our PAIA Manual.
    2. Please feel free to request any changes or updates regarding your Personal Information held by us and kindly ensure your data is complete, correct, and current. If you do not keep the same updated, or if your data is not correct then Multi Properties will probably not be able to properly serve you and maintain proper business dealings with you.
    3. You may at any time request that we delete and destroy your Personal Information from our records upon which such will be done promptly with your written confirmation. Kindly contact us so that we may be able to better serve you in such a case.
    1. If you are of the opinion that Multi Properties has used your Personal Information in an opposing way to the Applicable Rules and the content of this Declaration, you hereby agree to firstly attempt to remedy such a concern with Multi Properties directly.
    2. If you are not contented with such an attempt, you may proceed to lodge your grievance with the Information Regulator, using the contact details listed below:
      a. Tel: +27 12 406 4818
      b. Fax: +27 86 500 3351
      c. Email: