Protecting the interests of our clients and increasing their peace of mind since 1974, Multi Properties have enjoyed years of successful experience in property management.

As a result we have acquired an established confidence on the matter, being convinced that any property owner would benefit significantly from our committed service.

Our property management team is dedicated and well versed, able to ensure the efficient administration of any properties they manage. We pride in excellent service to all our clients, believing in proactive and practical effort. We enjoy the challenge of being occupied with the small details of our clients’ properties, always aspiring to manage them as if they were our own.

The Management of Residential, Commercial or Industrial Real Estate. Property Management typically involves the administration of property that is owned by another.


Above, is in a nutshell a brief summary of the Property Management service we offer to any clients who would appreciate expert and proficient management of their property. We believe in pride of ownership and helping each building reach its best realistic potential. Why not let us do the specialized work of managing your property, while you focus on less stressful avenues of life.

Keeping Your Hands Clean

The Property Manager represents the Landlord and acts on his behalf pertaining to all dealings of his property while under management. Our sense of duty and responsibility is firstly toward the Landlord and secondly toward the Tenant. One of the benefits of having your property managed by us is to provide a shock barrier, should you wish to have more distance between yourself and your tenant community.

Negotiations And Communications

Always in constant contact with the Landlord and Tenant, and promptly conversing any requests or wishes from either party to the other, Multi Properties acts as the mouthpiece of both parties. Many requests will already be established by the lease agreement and need not to be confirmed, only to be pointed out by us, but anything can be altered should an agreement be reached. The Landlord holds the liberty to make decisions and grant permissions as he wishes; should a request stretch beyond the limits of the lease agreement. Nothing happens without the Landlords consent.

Transparent Screening

The right tenant can make all the difference to achieving success and making life a little bit easier. All potential tenants must undergo proper screening and furnish all documents required by FICA legislation. For a tenant to pass the Multi Properties screening process, an applicant’s credit record must qualify, criminal history, rental history and the ability to pay must be examined. We then present all facts to the landlord who must make the final decision in order for the application to be fully approved. Multi Properties also provide full assistance and consulting during the initial process where the tenant takes occupation. Any shop fitting and further negotiations and arrangement that may be required are handled by us.

Lease Management And Enforcing

We are also able to determine and advise the property owner of market related rentals for his specific property. A binding lease agreement must be drafted wherein all terms and conditions are clearly indicated for the leasing of the property, which must be accepted by both parties. Most clauses in the contract may be changed and altered within the boundaries of property law. The landlord being the property owner carries more weight in this department and is able to set out the terms that he deems acceptable by which he is willing to let his property. In forming expectations for both parties Multi Properties remain in constant communication, comparing the practicality of the expected benefits out of the lease agreement for both parties. We also ensure that any and all terms and conditions of the lease agreement are kept and enforced. Eviction of tenants and other legal avenues must also be the property managers’ forte.

Monthly Collections

Collection of monthly rental payments and recoveries from tenants is one of the pillars of property management. On a monthly basis, we send reports to the Landlord summarizing all rental income received on the property. All rentals are kept safe in a audited Trust account, before being transferred to the account of the property owner. We are also able to pay all expenses and municipal costs on the property at the Landlords request.

Protecting Your Investment

We are responsive enough to embrace each building with its challenges and requirements. We are also expected to work proactively in agreement with the landlord to ensure that essential services are implemented in order to guarantee efficiency and good health of the property. In order for a property to remain a strong investment the property must be cared for and looked after. Preventive, corrective and reparative maintenance, routine cleaning and tenant improvements are all administrated by Multi Properties by ensuring that proper maintenance practices and procedures are done. By making timely and financially strategic improvements to the property, the market value of the property is enhanced. We do timely inspections of the property, while exercising control to safeguard the capital invested.

Absorbing Costs

Property managers are classically compensated a percentage of the rent collected for the property while under management. This percentage is negotiable, but can be anything from as low as six percent to as high as fifteen percent of the monthly rentals collected. Multi Properties are very conscious of our responsibility toward the Landlord and his property and take our duties toward correctly managing the property very seriously. The financial expectation weighs seriously on the property manager as we will not receive any commission if no rental is collected for the property at any given month.

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