Who We

People have trusted Multi with their property needs since 1974. Over the years, we have built a reputation as a reliable team who can take care of the detail, while never forgetting the bigger picture. In the process, we have developed into a new kind of property agency. One that offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions, perfectly suited to the needs of the ever evolving property world.


What makes us unique?

Our Experience

Over time, we have acquired market knowledge, built human relationships, gained industry insights and earned credibility. We understand that people are not always knowledgeable when it comes to property. We can help them see things in perspective and guide them through the process with compassion.

Our Energy

We love what we do and this fills us with energy. Our innovative spirit means we are always willing to learn and adapt. We are inspired to find better ways of doing things. This enables us to do so much more than just sell properties. just the standard mandate.

Our Commitment

When we find the best solution for our clients’ specific needs, everyone wins.


The founding

It is said that it happened like this… A young man zealous to be successful had a discerning eye and spotted an intriguing business opportunity. So he sent his lovely wife and her friend on an inquisitive attempt to determine whether this venture had any chance of actual success. His plan at the time was to continue his career and market real estate on the side. Being quite fresh in the industry the two ladies did not exactly have much experience concerning the selling of property.

It just so happened that they found themselves in a situation where they were out of their depth unsure of what to do next. This being their first actual sale, they quickly ran to their employer asking for his help, pleading for advice on what the next steps were. Their client had actually decided to purchase a lovely farm they had showed him at the foot of the Outeniqua mountain range. Nevertheless, it all worked out quite well for the happy new farm owner and the two excited ladies, triumphant in their assignment.

The young entrepreneur considerately realized the potential in this endeavor of business and decided it was time for a new challenge. Having an innate charismatic talent and a natural capacity for understanding the thriving qualities of the real estate market, the young man quickly embraced the property industry as his new career of choice.

This was 1974 and the birth of the proudly South African, real estate agency, known as Multi Properties, based in George, Western Cape, South Africa. In the midst of a sometimes harsh property market, the company has always managed to maintain a reputation of stability and pro-active client-focused service. Where many others have unfortunately not been able to continue in the property industry, Multi Properties are grateful and count it an honor to be the oldest Real Estate Agency still present in George.


Strategy and

Founder and former principal, Andre F van Niekerk has since the beginning of the company managed to safeguard those more traditional, ‘gentlemen’s principals’ in the dealings of the company, and has been an example of straight, no-nonsense business in the property market of George.

We believe a sure sign of worth and purpose for the company is to maintain an increasing presence of trustworthiness, reliability, and efficiency in the years to come; to offer a service that can accommodate any context and meet any need, second to none. Preserving a level of excellence in the minor details of daily operations is a priority to us, and if there is ever an area where there is room for improvement, then management is passionate to address it and take the steps needed to advance.

We hold ample sector knowledge and experience in the property market and thrive on challenging situations, understanding diverse factors of influence. We deem it a privilege when we are able to share specialized advice, speaking right into the context of our client’s real estate need.



We endorse a client-focused approach and do not believe in hastening forward before we have taken the time and are convinced that we satisfyingly understand and grasp the needs or goals of our clients. Only once we know exactly what our client wants, do we go ahead and plan how our service must be instigated to have the most effective and be suitable to the want. A motivating factor that can significantly influence our decision on this process of preparing our service is our access to the best and latest timely information on the property market.

We believe that today’s consumer needs a reliable resource able to help navigate the intricate process that real estate has become. We provide that resource and our unique blend of experience and passion to serve are exactly what our service is about. We believe that trust is earned and that the foundation to all of our business dealings must be built on excellent client service and desired results.

Firmly established by time-honored principles, Multi Properties have been able to accumulate a large number of satisfied clients, today enjoying our hands-on assistance.

We have experts able to assist in a broad range of real estate services including, sales and letting of Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Agricultural properties. Our Property Management service includes the administration of Commercial buildings, Industrial factories, and Residential complexes, including individual residential units and sectional titled units. This division also provides Secretarial and Accounting services.


What’s in a

“The prefix, MULTI-, implies many, much or more than two.”

Most people think property agencies only sell homes. From the get-go, our name subtly lets you know we are not one of those property agencies.

Multi Properties is a multifaceted company that looks at property from every angle you can think of. Whether you are a buyer, seller, landlord, tenant or developer, we can help you find a property solution that is the best option for your requirements and budget.

Our portfolio spans multiple sectors – from Retail, Commercial and Industrial to Residential and Agriculture. We employ a multi-talented team, which means we can offer several specialized services. We act as advisors, guides, and guardians, always acting with our client’s best interest at heart.