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Multi Properties has a posture of gratefulness and counts it an honor to be the oldest Real Estate Agency still present in George.


Property Investment
We believe that the long term outcome of good property investment is always positive, with the value of property always climbing, sometimes soon, sometimes later.


Property Management
The Management of Residential, Commercial or Industrial Real Estate. Property Management typically involves the administration of property that is owned by another.


Tenant Representation
We know what motivates landlords, and will gladly help negotiate the best possible terms for your lease, examine your tenancy requirements and assist with expansion or taking occupancy.

Who we are...

People have trusted Multi with their property needs since 1974. Over the years, we have built a reputation as a reliable team who can take care of the detail, while never forgetting the bigger picture. In the process, we have developed into a new kind of property agency. One that offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions, perfectly suited to the needs of the ever evolving property world.


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Goeie dag. Ek deel met Andre van Multiproperty vir die laaste 4 jaar en hulle gee defnetief die ekstra tree. Selfs met probleme wat nie hulle veranwoordelikheid is nie. Multiproperty is van die beter agenskappe wat ek mee deel en kan hulle toe oe aanbeveel.
Expert CLR Eectrical
Wouter Liebenberg
Manager - Expert CLR Electrical
Andre is always available, willing to listen no matter what and very professional.
WJ Civils
Wouter van Niekerk
WJ Civils
Professionele Eiendoms kenners en spesialiste van George se Industriële en Kommersiële eiendomme, gaan altyd uit hulle pad om beleggers, huurders en verkopers van die beste raad te bedien en transaksies, soms eenvoudig en soms kompleks, aanmekaar te sit tot voordeel van beide die verkoper en koper
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Wayne Van der Klashorst
Traders Auction Group
Muli Properties have provided us with a hands-on, personalised approach to owning property as a firm that doesn’t have an in-house property management team. If it wasn’t for Andre and his team, we wouldn’t have been able to manage such a big and complicated property in George given that we are based in JHB.

Professional and proactive. Can recommend to anyone.
JD De Villiers
Director - Blank Canvas Capital
Excellent and professional exceeded expectations.
Interwaste logo
Ian Temple
General Manager - Interwaste
Andre goes the extra mile in delivering service. From renting properties to selling properties he ensured that we received a favourable market return, leaving all parties happy with the transaction.
Coca-Cola Logo
- CCBA Group
Understanding our needs and effectively communicating with us when suitable solutions become available.
Kobus Botha
Director - Amec Foodpack
LIFE Community Services owes a BIG thank you to Multiproperties. We are a grassroots organization, working with orphaned and vulnerable children in George. Our resources need to go to the caring of children and a couple of times we “almost landed on the streets” so to speak if it were not for Andre van Niekerk from Multiproperties who came forward with a plan to accommodate us. Once it was for storage, a place to carry one with our sewing project plus a place to cook. Then, once the sewing and cooking were sorted, he provided (and is still providing) a place where we can store our goods while they work with the children continue. We are so thankful for people who genuinely care and put their money where their mouths are. Thank you, Andre, Thank you Multiproperties!
Life Community Service (JPG)
Maryna DeVries
CEO - Life Community Services


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